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"73% of Burglars Kick-in Doors
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 Door Jambs & Hinges Must Be Reinforced to Prevent a
Door Kick-In. The Door Security Pro Stops Door Kick-ins
And It Repairs Broken Door Jambs...

Quickly, Easily, Permanently & Inexpensively. 


The FBI Says: "Every 12 Seconds a Home is Invaded
By Someone Simply Going Right Through the Door"

Home invasions and residential burglaries are dramatically on the rise. You hear about them on the news all of the time. The reason is simple. It's the most lucrative, least risky activity of all for criminals. Once someone invades a home it's almost impossible to be detected by the police. According to the recent FBI statistics, only 12.7% of burglars are ever caught, charged and convicted. The lastest crime statistics on home invasions, burglaries and robberies in the United States are staggering...

  • 6,088 Home Burglaries Per Day on Average in the USA
  • 70.3% of Burglaries Involve Residential Properties
  • 67.6% of Burglaries Involved Forcible Entry or Attempts
  • 38% of All Assaults Occur During a Home Invasion
  • 60% of All Rapes Occur During a Home Invasion
  • $15.6 Billion Dollars Worth of Property is Stolen Annually
  • Avg. Dollar Value Stolen Per Residence Burglary: $2,188.00
Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door

Here's a Very Scary Little Known Crime Fact...

Most home burglaries take place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. while most home invasions take place between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. The reasons for this are quite simple. A burglar does not want anyone home while they rob a house, but the whole premise of a home invasion is for the occupants to be at home so the intruder can extract valuable information from the occupants such as; where the "real" valuables are, bank account information, credit cards and pin numbers, car keys, etc. And...many home invaders have much more sinister thoughts in mind, such as physically or sexually assaulting you or your loved ones (38% of all assaults and 60% of all rapes occur during a home invasion).

85% of Burglars Enter Through a Door! Watch the Video Below to See How Most Burglars Get In...



The FBI says: "Every 12 seconds a home invasion occurs by someone going right through the front or back door". This happens in 73% of all break-ins and "door frame failure" is almost always the cause.

Think About This...


 How many times have you seen the police on those real crime tv shows kick-in doors?

A Lot, Right? Well, if someone in a police uniform can do it that easily, then why can't someone in a burglar outfit also do it that easily? 


And the truth is, THEY CAN! The fact of the matter is, you don't want any unwanted visitor at your home to be able to gain entry into your home. You have to make it as difficult for them as possible! Upgrading your home door security is a "Must Do" item on all of your exterior entry doors. Reinforcing your door hinges and door jambs is the most effective and least expensive security upgrade you can make to your home.

Why Are Doors So Easily Kicked-in or Forced Open?Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door

It all comes down to one critical design flaw and it's found on virtually every exterior residential door entryway. Most exterior doors, hinges, deadbolts and door locks are fairly strong. It's the WOODEN DOOR FRAME also known as the door jamb that is the weakest area. Door jambs are most often constructed from softwood trees such as Pine, Spruce and Fir. 

Soft wood door jambs simply can't withstand the pressure of a 3/4" solid steel deadbolt stem being massively forced against them which is what happens when a door is kicked or shoulder-slammed. The most
efficient, most cost effective solution is to install a metal door jamb reinforcement device that extends well above and below the current strike plates on the door jamb. It should be well secured with multiple extra-long, high strength, large diameter screws, and equally spaced out that burrow deep into the wall studs. This way you have a very long steel strike plate reinforcing the soft wood door jamb.

Why a Door Jamb Needs Reinforcement

Most often, door hinges and strike plates on houses are only attached to the 1/2" thick, soft wood door jamb using small, weak 1/2" or 3/4" long brass screws. As you can see in the illustration above, most doors are literally not even attached to the actual wall frame studs of the house when the industry standard 1/2" or 3/4" long screws are used. They are only attached to the decorative soft wood door jamb. The air space is there to allow room to 'square' the door jamb. By 'squaring' the door jamb, the door will hang level whichs in turn allows it to open and close properly.

The Door Security Pro (72" model) is a revolutionary door security device that uses FIFTEEN large diameter, 3" long, high strength, rustproof coated T-25 steel screws, both in the hinges (3 screws) and in the strike plate (12 screws). As you can also see in the illustration above, our screws truly attach the hinges and our heavy-duty strike plate to the home's actual wall framing studs, thereby making the door jamb dramatically stronger. This virtually assures that the hinges will hold the door on, and that the door jamb will never break (which is what allows most doors to be kicked in).

Your Door Jambs Are Constructed This Way Too!!

1. In the picture below, notice the typical short, small diameter brass screws that are on most door strike plates. They provide virtually no real support other than simply holding the metal strike plate on the door jamb.

2. Notice the thin, weak, decorative softwood trim that the strike plate is mounted on.

3. Notice that the screws are too short to go into the wooden wall studs behind the decorative wood trim.

4. Notice how short the distance is between the right edge of the strike plate and the edge of the door frame. It's LESS THICK THAN the person's fingernail is long! That's ALL that's protecting your home AND it's just soft wood!

Now go look at your exterior doors and most likely you will have this exact same situation. Therein lies the # 1 problem that you must correct or you, your family, and your home remain completely vulnerable to intruders.

Less Than One Inch of Soft Wood is Protecting Most Homes

Open your front door and look at the door strike plate. There is less than one inch of soft wood protecting the safety of your home.
The typical strike plate on most homes uses 1/2" or 3/4" long screws  - wooden door casings simply cannot stop an intruder from kicking in your doorThe typical door can be kicked open in less than 1 second!

* Click photo to enlarge

Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door  

What's the Perfect Door Frame Security Solution?

The Door Security Pro door jamb reinforcement product. It's 6 FEET of high strength, thick 14 gauge cold-rolled steel -- the thickest steel product of it's type.

It easily mounts on any 1 3/4" exterior door frame in about 20 minutes or less and without the need to remove the door frame, door casing or door trim. And there's no need to mortise out the door jamb. It just screws on.

* Click photo to enlarge 

Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door

"I Have a Burglar Alarm System, Won't That Protect Me?"

Burglar alarms provide a false sense of security, they don't provide any real protection. That's why they are called BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEMS and not BURGLAR PROTECTION SYSTEMS. Though we do recommend home security alarm systems, they won’t protect you against an “after-the-fact” home invasion or an intruder. An alarm system only tells you that an intruder is already inside your home, or is seriously attempting to get in.

With home invasions on the rise across the country, police are working harder than ever, but they just can't keep up. Due to a shortage of manpower from rising costs, in many states across the country, the police are not even responding to home alarms anymore because about 98% are false alarms. Because of this, some localities even charge homeowners $100 and upwards if they respond to a false alarm from an electronic security system at a residence. And even if the police do respond, response times across the U.S. average about 20 to 30 minutes. Statistics show that if something bad is going to happen (kidnapping, rape, assault, murder, robbery) it's most likely going to happen within the first 15 minutes.

Criminals know this all too well. Burglar alarms only tell you a crime is happening or has happened. It doesn't keep intruders out! The Door Security Pro is always on duty. It provides super-enhanced physical strength and security CONSTANTLY each time the door is closed, turning your doors into home security doors. This one step alone will greatly deter or prevent most "through-the-door forced entries" so you and your family will sleep safer in the future. Worst of all, if your home is burglarized, it stands a 50% greater chance of being burglarized again with in the next 6 months. Why? Because they got away with it the first time AND the burglars know that now you most likely have all new stuff.

The Door Security Pro is home door security equipment that you only pay for once - unlike an alarm system, there are no codes keep up with, no false alarm sirens, and no monthly monitoring fees to worry about.

The Dallas Morning News Says:
Thwart Kick-in Burglaries with Reinforced Doors, Frames...
"Burglars won't bother knocking on your front door.
They will just kick it in"


How Would You Go About Making an Existing Doorway More Secure?

Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door       Even if you have a well constructed home, with good doors, how can you be sure your doors are secure? A good, secure entryway is one of your first lines of defense, especially against today's dynamic home invasions. So how do you go about truly securing your entryways? Ideally, you need: (1) security doors (2) high security door locks (3) a Door Security Pro.

Doing these 3 things will keep intruders out, or at minimum, buy you enough extra valuable time to take some form of defensive action such as escaping, arming yourself or calling the police. Time is not a criminal's friend when he's trying to burglarize a home. Burglars will usually only try to get into your home for about 2 minutes. Beyond that, they typically will move on to easier prey.

Below Are Some Examples of the Type of Door Jamb Damage We Constantly See

Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door  Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door  Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door

More Similar Photos

A Deadbolt Lock Alone Will Not Truly Secure Your Door!

We all know that deadbolts lock doors, but what most people don't realize is that even good quality deadbolts alone don't make doors truly secure. As you can see from the pictures above, even when you have a good quality deadbolt, your door can still easily be forced open if your door frame has not been reinforced.
Door security devices like deadbolts and steel doors are not usually the problem. 80% of the time when a door is forced open, it's the door frame that fails. The average door strike plate is secured only by the soft-wood door jamb molding. These lightweight moldings are usually only tacked onto the door frame and can be torn away with a firm kick or shoulder slam. Chiseling out and removing wood to fit the strike plates will also result in a much more weakened door frame, but it's a necessary evil as well.

Unless extra reinforcement is added to strengthen the door frame, a forced entry or door kick-in burglary will split open the wooden door frame around the strike plates and beyond for approximately 1 - 2 feet in each direction. Again, crime statistics show that roughly 80% of all residental door break-ins are a result of door frame failure.

What Consumer Reports® Says About Protecting Your Home...

"If the primary locks on your doors are entry locksets, and they're working fine, there's probably little to gain by replacing them. None of the entry locksets afforded great protection, not even top-rated ones. If you want to make your doors more secure, start by beefing up the hardware in the door jambs."

Consumer Reports in their January 2008 article titled: Door Locks said: (edited for brevity)

"There are basically two kinds of burglars: skilled professionals, often with tools, who check out a neighborhood before deciding which homes to target; and opportunistic thieves, who may simply kick doors until they find one that gives way. The right lock can deter the pro and defeat the opportunist.

Nearly two-thirds of all burglaries involve forced entry, and they succeed partly because of flimsy door locks and mounting hardware. But even poorly performing locks can be significantly strengthened by replacing the strike (the metal plate that’s mounted on the door jamb and into which the lock’s bolt slides)...

Another inexpensive way to enhance your current door lock is to replace short mounting screws with 3-inch ones. Screws of that length will penetrate the thin door jamb to reach the studs, providing more resistance to impact.

Adding a stronger strike improved the kick-in resistance of all the weakest locks; three actually went from the lowest to the highest score in that test.

Another inexpensive way to enhance your current door lock is to replace short mounting screws with 3-inch ones. Screws of that length will penetrate the thin door jamb to reach the studs, providing more resistance to impact."


Because of these construction flaws, it obviously makes sense to upgrade to a heavy-duty, high security strike plate. Door jamb repair or replacement will not usually hold unless you strengthen the door casings with a high security strike plate like our Door Security Pro. Door jamb reinforcement is the easiest and least expensive solution to keeping criminals out of your home.

The Door Security Pro is a door security solution that offers a unique and innovative solution to prevent burglars from entering your home, the Door Security Pro strikes back and provides instant security for your door and it lasts forever. The Door Security Pro is 72" (and we have two 48" models), 14 gauge ( approx. 1/16" thick) cold-rolled steel strike plates that makes door jambs virtually unbreakable. This is the easiest to install and the most heavy duty door jamb reinforcement product availaible anywhere.

They've been installed in thousands of homes and buildings all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and many other parts of the world. In fact, numerous U.S. government agencies, the U.S. military, embassies, consulates, and foreign governments also use them.

Read What This New Jersey Police Officer Says:

"As a New Jersey Police Officer of 16 years, I have been called to many, many homes where the door was kicked-in by an intruder. Seeing the ease in which this can be done, the amount of damage it causes, and the cost to repair it led me to research how to prevent it from happening on my home as home security is of paramount importance to me. 
After purchasing several door frame reinforcement products, I can tell you that without question, the Door Security Pro Door Guard is the best of all of them. In fact, I purchased and installed them on all of the exterior doors on my home. I know of nothing else that you can do to protect your home that costs as little and protects as much.

I highly recommend the Door Security Pro."

Robert K - New Jersey Police Officer

*This Police Officer was not compensated in any way for this unsolicited endorsement.

From Another Satisfied Customer...

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the Door Security Pro system I recently
purchased and installed.

First, the product arrived quickly with no missing parts, and instructions were easy to follow.  

I was able  to install it on both my doors in about 35 minutes very easily, actually it took me longer to set up and clean up than it did for the actual install, and I am just an average handy man, so if I can do it, anyone can.

The ultimate is that now my door feels like Fort Knox, solid when I close it, and makes a very distinctive,"CLICK", when I shut the door. Sounds and feels strong!  My wife was very impressed, with the product, and my installation, she said it looked like a professional did it!

I know that we are now better protected against any would be intruders, as they will not get through my doors very easily, and I will have time to take action before they get in my home.

People don't realize how weak their entry doors are and how easily they can be broken into, everyone should have "Door Security Pro" on their entry doors. This is one of the best security investments I have made for our home.

Thanks for a wonderful product! I have just ordered 2 more to install in my wife's parents house so we can help protect them as well.


Steve M.
Spring, Texas

This California Police Officer Says....

"As a Fresno, CA police officer I have been dispatched to more home burglaries than I can possibly remember. Over the years, I've noticed that burglars most often seem to prefer kicking in the garage door on homes to gain entry (at least here in Fresno). After constantly seeing this type of crime, I decided that I MUST reinforce my garage door. After exhaustively searching for products online, and more specifically YouTube, I came across what I feel are the best home door security products available -- the Door Security Pro. On 7/6/13 I ordered the 48" Door Security Kit. It's very well made...and I have to admit, it's even easier to install than I had imagined. I was so impressed with the products and the security that it creates, that today (7/15/13), I ordered 2 more Door Security Kits for the other two doors on my house. In my line of work, and seeing how burglars get into houses, and how often it happens, I highly suggest that everyone should reinforce their entry doors, the door hinges, and especially the door frame. And when they do it, I recommend that they install the Door Security Pro brand of products."
M. S., Fresno, CA Police Officer


This Retired San Antonio Police Detective Says....

Expert: Strong door frame is key to keep out burglars

SAN ANTONIO - A homeowners first line of defense starts at the front door.

"You can have the best lock in the world but if you don't have a reinforced frame that goes deep into the frame then all this is going to come flying off," said KSAT crime expert Eddie Gonzales.

Eddie Gonzales is crime expert and retired San Antonio police detective

Source: TV news story on KSAT 12 (An ABC affiliate in San Antonio, TX) on December 10, 2014

Installation is Fast, Simple, Easy & Permanent - If You Can Use a Drill, You Can Install It Yourself

  • There's NO door casing trim to remove
  • There's NO need to plane the door 
  • There's NO cutting away of the door jamb
  • You simply mount it on the door jamb using the fourteen 3" long screws we provide
  • Plus, we even include extra screws to reinforce the hinges

It's an Easy "Do-It-Yourself" Project That You Can Do in Less Than 30 Minutes 

The Door Security Pro is 6 feet of high strength cold-rolled steel that you mount on top of your existing door jamb (lock side). It comes standard powder coated white to match most homeowner's door trim, but if you want to, you can easily paint it to match your current door trim using the same paint that your wood trim is currently painted with.

It's revolutionary design provides the best door frame reinforcement of any product of it's type on the market. There's no need to remove the door casing trim and the installation is very quick and easy. The Door Security Pro 72" is designed with cut-outs so that it will accomodate the deadbolt stem / door knob latch spacings of 4.5" to 12" (center to center). Should your deadbolt be located outside of this range, you simply drill another hole in the correct spot. 

  Door Secuity Pro, Door Security, Door Frame Failure, Door Frame Reinforcement, Door Frame, Repair, Front Door Security, Home Security Door








The Door Security Pro is American made 14 gauge cold-rolled steel (about the thickness of a U. S. Nickel), it's 72" long and will fit on any 1-3/4" exterior door jamb without the need to remove or alter the door jamb casing or trim. If you have enough space between the door and the frame to fit 2 U.S. Dimes in the crack, then you have enough space for it to fit without any special adjustments. With every unit, we also include 3" long, large diameter, case-hardened hinge screws to strengthen the door jamb on the hinge side.

*Should the standard spacing distance not be right for your door locks, you simply drill a hole in the correct spot to accomodate your deadbolt. Our product installation instructions explain how to do this step-by-step.

Do You Have a Broken Door Jamb?

Door jamb repair or door casing replacement can often cost $500 - $1,000 (or more) to fix. The Door Security Pro will repair that jamb quickly and easily in under 30 minutes. It provides you with a complete door jamb repair and permanent door security so that it can never happen again. The Door Security Pro will not only save you potentially 100's of dollars, but it will fix the problem forever. That's what we call real door security.

The Door Security Pro will fit any exterior residential door frame including those doors with side-lights, French doors and double entry doors. If you have any questions about your door or installing a Door Security Pro please feel free to call at 1-877-366-7688 or e-mail us. We're open 7 days a week, 8 AM to 8 PM (Eastern Time).

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Lifetime Warranty!
We GUARANTEE Your Door Jamb Will Never Break!
It's 100% Guaranteed 
To ALWAYS Work or We'll Replace It!

We have never seen a door jamb fail that has a Door Security Pro installed on it, but should it ever happen, our guarantee is simple. If you install a Door Security Pro on your door jamb and your door jamb ever breaks due to a real burglary, we'll replace the product at no charge. 

How Much Does the Door Security Pro Cost?

We manufacture THREE different models in TWO different lengths.

48" Model for Exterior Doors: $79.95 (Get the Details Here)

48" Model for Interior Doors: $79.95 (Get the Details Here)    

72" Model for Exterior Doors: $99.95 (Get the Details Here)


  48" Model - - SALE PRICE! $69.95   72" Model - - SALE PRICE! $89.95

* Plus, with every order (until we run out), we'll include a free gift that has been
proven to reduce your chances of being burglarized by up to 90%!


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Shipping (via UPS & USPS Priority Mail) is only $14.95 Total per order within the U.S. For shipments outside of the U.S., please call or email us for exact shipping rates.

* When ordering, please keep in mind that every exterior door and at least one interior door should have a Door Security Pro installed on it. Also, if you have an entry door coming from the garage, it should have one also.


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