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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why is the "Door Security Pro" better than all other door frame reinforcement products?"

1.   It's very easy to install. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes on average.

2.   It's been well endorsed by policemen, locksmiths, home security experts, and most of all, by our customers.

3.   You do not have to shave down the door or the door frame, nor remove any door trim to install it.

4.   It not only prevents door frame failure, but it also repairs broken or cracked door jambs.

5.   It's made in the USA (and elsewhere), in our factory, by highly skilled metal craftsmen.

6.   It's powder coated white with a hard enamel-like finish. It's not just spray painted like most competitive products.

7.   It's unobtrusive, you virtually can't see it when the door is closed - unlike door bars, wedges and clubs.

8.   It works automatically every time when you close the door - UNLIKE door bars, wedges and clubs.

9.   It's made from high strength, 14 gauge cold-rolled steel, and not one Door Security Pro has ever failed.

10. It's 100% GUARANTEED for LIFE to stop door frame breakage. If it ever fails, we'll replace it for FREE.

"What are the dimensions of the Door Security Pro?"

We currently manufacture 3 different models of the Door Security Pro in 2 different lengths (48" and 72"). All models are manufactured from high strength 14 gauge cold-rolled steel and are completely coated with a hard "enamel-like" white powder coated finish. * We make 2 versions of the 48" model - one for exterior doors and one for interior doors.

48" Model (For Exterior Doors):   (Shown in Photo on Right --->)

  • Length: 48"
  • Width: 1 3/4" (plus a 1/8" 30 degree lip)
  • Steel Thickness: Approximately 1/16" (14 gauge cold-rolled steel)
  • Nine - 3 1/4" long self-tapping rustproof mounting screws
  • Three 3 1/4" long self-tapping rustproof screws to reinforce the door hinges
  • One T-20 drive bit to install the screws
  • View the 48" exterior door model

72" Model:

  • Total Overall Length: 72"
  • Width: 1 3/4"
  • Steel Thickness: Approximately 1/16" (14 gauge cold-rolled steel)
  • Twelve - 3" long heavy-duty self-tapping rustproof mounting screws
  • Three 3" long heavy-duty self-tapping rustproof screws to reinforce the door hinges
  • One T-25 drive bit to install the screws
  • View the 72" model


"Which Model is Best for Me, the 48" or the 72"?"

EITHER MODEL will sufficiently reinforce the door jamb, but generally speaking, homeowners most often tend to purchase the 72" model because it's 50% more protection and a bit more versatile than the 48" model. Large entities with lots of doors like apartment and condominium complexes usually purchase the 48" model because they need large quantities and they are less expensive than the 72" model.

"Can the Door Security Pro be installed on French doors and double doors?"

Yes. You mount the Door Security Pro on the stationary door. We highly suggest that you install the 72" model on double doors (it works better for this type of application than the 48" model, but the 48" model will also work).

Note: You must make sure the stationary door is WELL secured, and if it's not, you can easily add "surface bolts" to the top and bottom of the stationary door to make it more secure. They're available at all hardware stores and home improvement outlets.

"Does the Door Security Pro work on doors with sidelights (small windows beside the door)?"

Yes. You simply shorten the screws that we include down to the maximum length that will work for your application.

"Is the mounting hardware included?"

Yes. All installation hardware is included as well as longer screws to reinforce the door hinges to the door frame.

"What if my door knob latch and deadbolt spacing is not the standard 5.5" to 6" (center-to-center) distance?"

The 72" model will accommodate spacings of 4.5" to 12" because of it's revolutionary two piece "Patent Pending" design. See how it's done here.

Otherwise, if the distance between the two holes is greater than 12", you simply drill a new hole to accommodate your deadbolt location using a 1" diameter bi-metal hole saw (available at any hardware store or home improvement center for about $5). When shortening the distance between the two holes you simply cut off one end of one of the plates.

With the 48" model, if needed, you simply drill a new hole in the correct location to accommodate your deadbolt. Please refer to our installation instructions where we specifically address this issue (item number 4).

Ideally, should I also reinforce the door?

Ideally...YES, you should. In some instances the door will actually split apart around the locks when force is applied to it. We make a "Patent Pending" product called the Door Lock Guard that will prevent a door from splitting apart around the door latch and the deadbolt, and it will help prevent the door from being pried open (ideally, you need one Door Lock Guard for each, but at least one should be installed on the deadbolt). Get the details here. You can order a complete Door Security Kit here.

"How quickly are orders shipped?"

99.9% of the time orders are shipped the same day or the next day after you order (not including weekends). On rare occasions, such as around certain holidays and other very busy times, orders can take up to about 7 days to ship. But again, this is very rare as we take pride in shipping orders very quickly.

"Which shipping company do you use and why?"

Under normal conditions, within the USA, we usually ship via UPS and USPS (Priority Mail). We use UPS and USPS because they provide:

  • A High Percentage of On-Time Deliveries
  • Tracking Numbers for All Shipments
  • Shipments Can Be Tracked 24 Hours a Day
  • Email Verification of Shipping and Delivery

*Outside of the USA and Canada, orders are usually shipped by the United States Post Office.

"What is your return policy?"

You may return any product for any reason, as long as we receive the product back within 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds are issued promptly, and in the same manner in which you paid. * We only refund shipping charges when it's an error on our behalf.

"I have a question that isn't listed"

You may contact us with any questions you have by phone at: 1-877-DOOR-OUT (1-877-366-7688) 7 days a week (8 AM to 8 PM EST) or by using our convenient online Contact form where you will get a rapid response.


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