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The Door Lock Guard (For Exterior Entry Doors)
* Patent Pending

Please Note: The information below applies to the Door Lock Guard for exterior entry doors that are 1 3/4" thick. We also make a Door Lock Guard for interior doors that are 1 3/8" thick. You can see it here.

The vast majority of the time when force is applied to a door, such as being kicked, shoulder-slammed or pried, it's the door jamb that breaks. However, often times the door will actually split apart also. Review the images below.

Metal door split on edge of door Metal  door split apart Steel door split apart

For a some time there's been a relatively simple, but "not great" solution to the problem. People put what's called a "lock reinforcer" on the door. It's a very thin "U" shaped metal device about 4-5" tall that caps the edge of the door around the door knob latch and/or the deadbolt stem. And that's ok, BUT it takes up too much space in the area between the door and the door jamb, which means that we would have to make the Door Security Pro out of a much thinner steel in order to also use a lock reinforcer. Thinner steel as we already know doesn't work, so we won't do it. Plus, they don't stop someone from being able to pry the door open. Ours solution does.

Also, lock reinforcers are ONLY secured to the face of the door by tiny, short Philips heads screws that only slightly penetrate the door. How can tiny screws that barely go into the door possibly keep a door from splitting apart around the lock if a lot of force is applied to the door? They can't, so again, that's why we won't make or sell that type of a product. We use stainless steel barrel bolts that go all the way through the door.

Here's Our Solution...And It Works on Any Exterior Door


Below are the Door Lock Guard Components:

Door Lock Guard Components

On the left are the 5 components that comprise the Door Lock Guard (the installation screws are not shown but are included). On the right are the 4 components assembled that go on the door (the 5th part attaches to the outside of the door frame as shown in the far right picture below).


Door Security Pro Door Lock Guard - Inside of Door

Inside of Door                                                   Outside of Door (Open)                                    Outside of Door (Closed)

We Even Went One Step Further...

What about when someone tries to pry a door open? Almost no one addresses this issue, but it's a big problem. Often, "would-be" intruders will try to insert something like a pry bar or a large screwdriver in the crack between the door and the door frame near the door knob and/or deadbolt. That is, if they can't first force the door open by kicking it or shoulder-slamming it.

If you look at the images above, the picture on the left is what the door looks like from the inside of the house with the Door Lock Guard installed on it. The middle picture is what the door looks like from the outside of the house (with the door open). The picture on the far right is how we solved the "prying" issue. In the middle picture, notice that the door guard is a "U" shaped channel. In the far right picture, notice that the metal strip on the left has a "Z" shape. That "Z" goes into the "U" when the door is closed, thereby preventing someone from being able to pry the door open. It's secured to the door with stainless steel binding posts. Each binding post is inserted  though one of the Door Lock Guard plates, THROUGH THE DOOR and through the other Door Lock Guard plate. This system, when installed, acts like a vise that clamps the door together over the deadbolt (or door handle latch), and prevents the door from splitting apart. Plus, it cannot be removed from the outside.

Please Note: Although we make this product in white, we suggest that you paint it to match the color of your door and door trim. By painting each component to match the respective background that it's mounted to, it blends in so well that it's hardly noticable.

Here's a Door Lock Guard (and a Door Security Pro) that's been painted to match the door and door trim:


You Should Have Door Lock Guards on Every Exterior Door
...One on the Deadbolt, and for extra Security,
one the Door Handle Latch.

Available Nowhere Else...Order Yours Right Now!

Only $29.95 ea.

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Door Security Pro Door Lock Guard - 100% Money Back Guarantee   We are so confident that you'll be pleased with
the Door Lock Guard that we offer an...
Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the product within 30 days and we'll refund your money in full with absolutely no questions asked!


  All mounting hardware and installation instructions are included with each unit ordered
•  You SHOULD have a Door Lock Guard on every exterior door and on interior garage doors going into the house
     This product also works on French doors, patio doors and double doors (these doors usually require TWO Door Lock Guards)

    It makes a great gift for those you really care about.

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This Product Has a Patent Pending and is Made Exclusively in the USA





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