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Major Construction Design Flaws in All Homes Discovered That Risks Occupants' Safety
by David Carrington

There's major construction flaws in virtually all houses that will allow an unwanted intruder to easily gain access to the inside of a house...if they're not properly corrected.

So What are These Big Flaws?

It's the wooden door frames, the strike plates, and the hinges, and here's the big problem...

Typically, when a home is constructed, a rough-in carpenter creates a series of openings in the walls where the doors and windows will be installed. These openings are usually several inches wider than the actual windows and door frames that are going to be installed. These slightly larger openings allow for the door and window frames to be 'squared'. 'Squaring' in this instance simply means to install the doors and windows so that they are level, both vertically and horizontally, thereby allowing them to open and close properly.

Not only is how the door frame constructed and installed a big problem, but so is much of the door hardware.

* Please Note: Although almost all doors in a house are installed this way, we are most concerned with securing the entry doors. Entry doors are generally considered to be any door that leads to the outside of the house.

Let's walk through picture-by-picture of how a wall in a home is usually constructed, how a door is installed and then expose the construction and installation flaws that makes the entry doors on houses so vulnerable to unwanted intruders, and lastly, how to easily and permanently correct the flaws.

Below is an Example of How a Wall on a Typical Home is Initially Constructed:

Here's a What a Typical Pre-Hung Door Mounted on a Door Frame Looks Like Before It's Installed:


Below is an Example of How a Pre-Hung Door and Door Frame is Installed Into the Wall Opening:



Below is a Close-Up Picture Showing a Door After It's Been Installed in the Wall Opening. Notice the Empty Space Between the Door Frame and the Wall, that's called "air space":

Below is an Example of How a Door Frame is Attached to a House, and It's Terribly Flawed. Notice that the Only Thing Used to Secure the Door Frame to the House are Small Finishing Nails. In Layman's Terms...These Small Finishing Nails are Often the Only Thing that is Securing the Door Frame (and Consequently the Door) to the House:

Ultimately, Here's the Major Flaw Up Close (below). It's the Major Flaw Because It's What's Keeping Your Door Secured (the Deadbolt). Notice the Empty Space Between the 2x4 Stud (on far left) and the White Door Frame. The Only Thing Really Keeping Your Door Closed is About 1" of Soft Wood Trim.

Which Do You Think Will Break First (Allowing the Door to Open) If Force is Applied to the Door, the 3/4" Diameter Solid Steel Deadbolt Stem, Or the 1" of Soft Wood Holding the Door Closed? 

I Hope You Realize Now Why It's So Easy to Kick, Force, or Pry a Door Open.


Now I'll Expose Another Serious Construction Flaw. Below are the Typical Type of 1/2" or 3/4" Long Screws that are Used to Secure the Strike Plates and the Hinges to the Door Frame. These Screws are Truly Just Attaching Screws; Made to Hold the Strike Plates in Place. They Offer No Real Security.

So What's the Best Solution? First, You Must Reinforce the Door Frame with a Heavy-Duty Steel Plate Such as the "Door Security Pro" that Extends for Most of the Length of the Door as Shown Below:

Second, You Need to Reinforce the Hinges as Shown Below:


Third, You Need to Reinforce the Door Itself Around the Locks to Prevent Them From Splitting Apart When They are Kicked or Forced and/or to Prevent Them From Being Pried Open as Shown Below:


The Product Below is Called a "Door Lock Guard" and It Prevents Doors From Splitting Apart Around the Door Locks:


Explanation of the "Door Lock Guard" Shown Above, From Left to Right...

Photo #1: Inside of Door, Door Closed, Flat 14 Gauge Steel Plate

Photo #2: Outside of Door, Door Open, U-Shaped 14 Gauge Steel Plate

Photo #3: Outside of Door, Door Closed, Pry-Proof Mechanism Engaged Automatically Each Time the Door is Closed

Photo #4: Outside of Door, Door Open, Z-Shaped 14 Gauge Steel Plate (on the left) Mounted on Exterior of Door Frame to Prevent Prying Door Open, Door Frame Reinforcement Plate (on the right)

Note: Customers often the paint the parts to match their respective backgrounds.

In Conclusion...

Statistics show that intruders will usually only attempt to get into a house for less than one minute. This is because an experienced intruder knows that when he kicks or shoulder-slams or tries to pry a door open that it usually is going to open very quickly and easily, and if it doesn't, then most often, he just moves on to the next potential victim.

The bottom line is, now you know how poorly secured your home really is, and it's time to take action; correct the problem on all of your home's exterior entry doors before you become the next victim.

See lots more pictures that may be of interest in our Photo Gallery.





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