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Door Frame Reinforcement Competitor Comparison

Competitors vs.
  Door Security Pro - Professional Grade Door Security

Door Security Pro
(72" Model)


Brand "A"

Brand "B"
Metal Type Thick, 14 Gauge
Cold-Rolled Steel
Thin, 18 Gauge
Sheet Metal
Thin, 18 Gauge
Sheet Metal
Thickness of Metal Used
Two 1/32"
Pieces Stacked
One on Top of the Other
Number of Pieces
of Metal to Install
2 2 5
Overall Product Length 72" 59" 48"
Mounting Screws:
Type & Length

12 Heavy Duty Torx
Large Diameter
3" Long

Light Duty Philips
Small Diameter
2.5" Long

Light Duty Philips
Small Diameter
2.5" Long
Hinge Reinforcement? Yes - 3" Heavy Duty
Torx Head Hinge Screws
Yes - 1.5" Hinge Screws Yes - With Thin
Sheet Metal Plates
Disassemble the Door
Frame Trim to Install?
No (Mounts on Door Frame) No (Mounts on Door Frame)

Yes - Sleeve Mounted
(It Goes Behind the Door
Trim, You Must Remove 
the Door Trim to Install Product)

Tools Needed
For Installation

Drill, Torx Head Drive Bit
(We supply the drive bit)
Drill, Drill Bit,
Philips Screwdriver
Drill, Drill Bit, Pry Bar,
Hammer, Flashlight,
Reciprocatiing Saw,
Phillips & Flat Head Screwdrivers,
Gloves, Carpenter's Level,
Wood Shims
Approx. Installation Time 20 -30 Minutes Typically  20 -30 Minutes Typically 1.5 to 3 Hours Typically
Any Known Product Failures? NEVER YES
See Proof Here
Warranty LIFETIME Not Published 3 Years
Re-Stocking Fee 
For Return Items?
Returns are accepted within
30 days for ANY reason
Yes - 25%
(After 30 Days)
Yes, Amount Not Published

72" Model - $89.95

48" Model - $69.95

(Prices Vary by Dealer)
(Prices Vary by Dealer)

"Door Security Pro is #1 for a Good Reason... Because Nothing Else Compares!"


Both competitors above listed above use THIN, 18 GAUGE SHEET METAL to make their products. Below is the definitive proof that their 18 gauge metal is too weak to prevent the forced entry of a door when it's used for door frame reinforcement. They'll try to convince you that they have no reported product failures, but here's the proof that their product can and will fail. The photo below was sent to us by a customer who owned one of our competitor's products and was taken by the police at the crime scene after they were burglarized. We have the police report on file.

ALL of OUR DOOR REINFORCEMENT PRODUCTS are made from 14 gauge cold-rolled steel, it's nearly twice as thick as 18 gauge steel. That's the difference you get when you purchase "Professional Grade Door Security" products from us.

18 Gauge Steel is TOO WEAK


Compare the Tools Needed to Install the Door Security Pro Surface Mount vs. the Competitors Sleeve Style Product


  Door Security Pro Installation Comparison 


Some of our competitors would have you believe that their "hot-rolled steel" products are superior to our "cold-rolled steel' products. Here's the truth from an unbiased source:


  Door Security Pro Uses Cold Rolled Steel 


 Compare 14 Gauge Steel Thickness vs. 18 Gauge Steel Thickness

14 Gauge Steel Vs. 18 Gauge Steel

Door Security Pro Products:

We manufacture 48" long units for $89.95 - More Info: Door Security Pro - 48"

We manufacture 72" long units for $109.95 - More Info:   Door Security Pro - 72" 
We manufacture a Door Lock Guard for $29.95 - More Info:
Door Lock Guard

Note: After very careful research, all facts listed are believed to be reliable at the time of publication (09/01/10). You should independently verify all facts before making a purchasing decision as competitors can and do make changes from time to time.





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